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Grand Arena Science offers hosted Comlink API access

We'll give you access to the data so you can start making cool SWGOH tools.

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Hosted Comlink API Access

Comlink API

We are not the developers of the Comlink API; we host it and make sure it's up to date for you to use.

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Comlink - Official Website

We don't modify anything with the Comlink API, we only turn on secure key access (HMAC authentication).

Comlink GitHub
Comlink - Discord Support

All API questions can be answered on the normal Comlink discord servers. We host the API, the Comlink server has all the experts to help you.

Comlink Discord
GAS API Services - Discord Support

We do have our own Discord support channel as well, where we take the generic API access instructions and add in our hosting details. You can just copy & paste. Then you're ready to start developing!

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We just have one price since Comlink API hosting is all we currently offer. We just want to cover our hosting costs and this is the minimum we can charge via Discord payments. If we do get more than expected (20+) developers, we will move to a new, dedicated server with elastic sizing. The price won't change.

Comlink API Hosting

per month

Comlink API access so you can make cool SWGOH tools

  • Secure API access
  • Always up to date
  • Standard API configurations
  • Discord support